Cancer is the II largest killer in the developing world and it is responsible for about 21% of all the mortality. The two most prevalent cancers are lung cancer in men & breast cancer in women.




To mark the World Cancer Day, Department of Home Science organised a guest lecture by  Dr. Hemant Malhotra(Prof. of Medicine, Head, Deptt. Of Oncology, SMS Medical Hospital). He delivered his lecture on the topic “Cancer & Chemotherapy”. The students and the faculty members were enriched about the different advancements in the field of cancer treatments and chemotherapy. He also enhanced the audience knowledge about the latest chemotherapies which have least or no side effects as compared to the old ones.


This event was supported by NGO–Rajasthan Cancer Society. The NGO displayed a wide range of educative materials within the campus and inside the venue which were appreciated by all the viewers.  In addition to this all the students of Home Science especially the Foods and Nutrition Department, too exhibited their skills through the display of charts and posters.



To mark the day students prepared and distributed educative materials like leaflets and pamphlets to all the audiences.  Awareness regarding cancers was created among all the faculty members present in the college by giving a badge having the logo of cancer which was worn on their uniform. The lecture was attended by the Deans of different faculties, many faculty members and students.