Visit to Saraswati Aanchal day care


TIME: 09:30 AM



Purpose of visit:


  1. To provide exposure to students to the physical set up of day care centre.
  2. To know about the facilities and activities of day care centre.
  3. To understand the working pattern of day care centre.
  4. To evaluate the anthropometric measurements of children in different age groups.


The student of M.Sc. (HD) Sem I visited the Saraswati Aanchal Day Care Centre, The IIS University, Jaipur on 11th August 2023. Day Care Centre was established in year 2010. It was opened by Department of Human Development, The IIS University under the UGC project but now it is run by the department.

The staff of day care comprised of supervisor, Ms. Shelly Williamson and one maid PhulaBaiji. The total number of children in the centre is around 8-10. There are three rooms: Dining room, Sleeping room and Activity room. The food is not provided to the children but in case of emergency biscuits and light snacks are provided to them. The basic facilities like RO drinking water, Camera Surveillance were there for the safety of children. The schedule and fees structure of day care is fixed according to their age and number of hours they spent in day care. The timings of day care are 8.30 AM to 5 PM

The students observed the activities of the day care. The students took the anthropometric measurements of the children. They then also analysed it and given further suggestion to them and to their parents.

The operation and organization of daycare were understood by the students. As students learned in-depth information about daycare, the visit was successful and educational.