visit to Umang

A visit was conducted to UMANG(NGO),a special school for the children with disability .It was founded by MS.Beena Kak,Former Tourist Minister,Rajsthan and started by Ms.Deepak Kalra in 2006. Umang is an initiative that strives for an inclusive society and education system and provides equal opportunities for all who need special care due to various disabilities like- Cerebral Palsy, Autism, Mental Disabilities etc. The School’s education system is divided into three catagories viz. (a)Special classes, (b)Formal Education, (c) Vocational Education.

The visit was planned as per the requirement of the course (DHSC 513 B) named Childhood Disability and Social Action(Theory) run for the students of B.Sc. Hons. Home Science. The students planned and conducted various activities for the students( with special needs) of 2nd and 3rd std. in which children actively participated. The purpose of the visit was satisfactorily achieved.