Visit to School of Hotel Management Manipal University, Jaipur

Report – Visit to Kitchen and cafeteria of Institute of Hotel Management

A visit to Kitchen and Cafeteria of Institute of Hotel Management , Manipal University was organized for M Sc Home science (Foods and Nutrition) Sem IV students as a part of their syllabi. They visited the University on 4th March 2016 escorted by one faculty member.

We were welcomed by Dr Sonal Manik, Associate Professor, Institute of Hotel Management, Manipal University, Jaipur. This was followed by a presentation by Dr Sonal Manik on Purchasing and Storage of Raw materials, Equipments used in Food Service Organizations and Different types of services followed in Food Service Organizations. All the presentations were very good, covered all the points and has enhanced the existing knowledge of the students.

It was followed by a workshop in the cafeteria of the Department on “Thirst Quenchers” by a faculty member of Food and Beverage Service. He has given a presentation on the ingredients and the procedure to be followed in preparing 5 mocktailsand the health benefits of all the mocktails. Our students and the students of school of Hotel Management were involved in the demonstration of mocktails. The mocktails prepared were – fresh lime soda, Pino Conardo, Mojito, fruit punch and Banana- ginger smoothie. All the prepared mocktails were very nutritious and refreshing.

Lastly, we have visited the kitchen and have seen equipments like freezer, oven, dough maker, grinder, high pressure cooking ranges, chimney etc.

The visit was very fruitful to the students. All of them have also enjoyed the visit.