Panchatantra Story Telling-IKS

Panchatantra Story telling

Panchatantra stories are known for their wisdom on practical life. These stories provide a subtle and effective way to instill moral values in children, helping shape their character and boost their creativity while developing their literary curiosity. With these objective, Department of Home Science organized a Panchatantra story-telling session on 27th November 2023 in Haziawala government school.  7 students of M. Sc  Human Development and B. Sc (H) H. Sc  participated in this activity and they were escorted by Dr. Archana Kumari, sr. Asst. professor in the department of Home science. To ensure the best learning outcome in children the students of the department showcased the story like a small play. The Title of the story was “Tiger and the villagers”. The Play was performed using animal masks and the students also took a get up of the villagers.

The story began with the father being ill so he asked his son to take the lambs to the nearby mountain for grazing, the father alerted the son about the wandering of tiger and guided him that incase he sees the tiger he can shout ”TIGER” and the nearby villagers will come for help. The boy took it lightly and wanted to mess around the villagers, hence pranked the villagers that tiger has come. Then one fine day when the tiger came and the boy shouted for help no one came to help him and eventually the tiger ate all the lambs. Hence the story revolved around the moral value “Never Lie.

The students of the school enjoyed the play and also promised that they will never lie no matter what the circumstances are. The day was called off with a group photograph and chocolate distribution.











Name of the Activity: IKS- Panchatantra Story Telling

S. No.

Name of the student

Enrolment Number

Program with semester


Nidhi tater



M.Sc (HD), sem III


Sameksha Godara



M.Sc (HD), sem III


Shweta Punia



M.Sc (HD), sem III


Shweta Chouhan



M.Sc (HD), sem III


Ansuya Bansal



B. Sc H. Sc (H), Sem III


Samriddhi Jain



B. Sc H. Sc (H), Sem V


Rishika Khandelwal


B. Sc H. Sc (H), Sem V