National Science Week Celebration- Video Screening Nutraceutical Based Recipes for Health and Well Being

On the occasion of the National Science Week Celebration “Vigyan Pujaye Sarvate”, the Department of Home Science has organised the video screening of healthy recipes on the theme of Nutraceuticals Based Recipe for Health and Well-being. The video was prepared by the students of MSc. Home Science (Food and Nutrition). They were overall 40 videos that were prepared and finally 15 videos were shortlisted and were displayed. 

The videos showcased the healthy recipes and the educational videos like Kiwahh Pudding, Vegan Asian Salad with Sauteed Tofu, Kala Chana Kebab Amaranth Leaves, Jowar and many more. The ingredients used for making the recipe videos were having the nutraceutical benefits and bioactive components. 

The recipes are rich in antioxidants, various vitamins (C, K, B complex) and minerals (Calcium, Iron). The recipes were good for vision, digestive health and boosts immunity. The recipes were also beneficial for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, arthritis and other chronic diseases. Among the audience we have students of MSc. Home Science (Food and Nutrition) and the faculty of Home Science. The video library was displayed for 45 minutes in Aditya Hall & there were total 32 students and 8 faculties. The entire video of recipes was interesting, all the students and the faculty members enjoyed watching it. They came to know about various healthy recipes and the steps to prepare it. The video also emphasized the health benefits of each recipe.