National Nutrition Week Celebration


1-7 September 2011

On the occasion of National Nutrition week, a lecture was given by Ms. Astha Khungar, Chief Dietitian, Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur on “How to Lead a Healthy Life” on 5th Sept 2011.  She shared her views on the meaning of Healthy Eating Practices and its Benefits. On the other hand, she made every one aware about the Unhealthy Eating Practices which lead to overweight, under weight, cardiac diseases, diabetes mellitus, osteoporosis, liver diseases and kidney disorders. Then she talked about the “Food Pyramid” as an educational tool for general healthy population and a guide for the amount and type of food to be included in daily diet. Food guide pyramid helps to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and meets the RDA of different nutrients. She gave a valuable knowledge that breakfast is particularly important to start up daily routine and snacks should be taken between the meals.


Welcoming the Guest

Conveying information

More than 40 different nutrients are required for Healthy Life. One should start consuming a wide variety of foods because one single food cannot supply all the essential nutrients. Carbohydrates are chief source of energy and provide 55% of total calories. It includes grains, pulses, beans, fruits and vegetables, sugars etc. Proteins are basic building blocks required for tissue repairing. It includes beans, nuts, soybeans, dairy products. Fats are essential for good health and are ready source of energy and are required for absorption of fat soluble vitamins. Intake of 20 grams of fat is must in a day. Fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of cardio vascular diseases and a good source of nutrition. They are nutrient dense and act as antioxidants in the body. She advised to drink ample of fluids in a day which include plain water, butter milk, juices, lemonade, soups etc. Her experience enriched our knowledge in the field of nutrition to a great extent.

Book marks


Apart from this guest lecture, other activities were also carried out so as to mark the National Nutrition Week. Badges were prepared by the students of Home Science Department and these were distributed to the Deans of the Departments,
all the faculty members. The students also prepared Book-marks which had a nutritional massage on one side and a recipe on the other side. These Book-marks were distributed to all the faculty members on the occasion of Teachers’ Day. These were highly appreciated by all the Deans, faculty members as the recipes were low-fat, nutritious and quick to prepare.