National Conference on Food based strategies: An Initiative to combat micronutrient Deficiencies




The two day conference on “Food based strategies: An initiative to combat micronutrient Deficiencies” focused on the micronutrients required, their deficiency leading to adverse health effects, etc. The conference aimed at devising strategies of interventions for abatement of micronutrients deficiency as well as creating awareness for food based initiatives and dietary methods for initiatives and dietary methods for enhancement of nutritional status.

Speaker: Dr. Anupa Siddhu explained about the meaning and significance of food fortification. She also explained about choosing correct fortificant and vehicle for fortification which are in use and also other alternatives that can be used efficiently as food fortificants. Dr. Pooja Talikoti explained about the disorders due to mineral deficiencies-iron and iodine and the ways by which mineral deficiency disorders can be eliminated using food based approaches. Dr Sheel Sharma, emphasized on topic “Vitamin D: The sunshine micronutrient re-emerging from shadows”. According to him, 45 minutes of sunshine is needed daily preferably during 11Am to 2PM. He discussed various form of Vitamin D and the source both in vegetables and non-vegetable food items. Prof. P. N. Kalla, emphasized particularly on role of awareness and biotechnology in combating nutritional deficiencies and disorders: case studies from agriculture. Dr. A. K. Gupta, emphasized on Ameliorating micronutrient deficiency in soil to improve crop and human health. Prof. G. S. Toteja emphasized on micronutrient deficiencies in India and combat strategies. According to him, India has enough law and policies on the subject and lacking its implementation. Next was the session of oral and poster presentation chaired by Dr Sushma Sharma .

On 22 Jan 2014 the session started with the panel discussions on “Provisions, Implementation and challenges of Government supported micronutrient programmes in Rajasthan”. The Chairperson for the session was Dr. R. P. Jain, Project Director, Immunization Dept. of Medical, Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of Rajasthan, Jaipur. The panelist were Dr. Girish Dwivedi, Dr. Aditya Atreya, Mr. Someshwar and Dr. Sangeeta Jacob. Dr. Umesh Kapil,  emphasized on “combating vitamin A deficiency through food based approaches”. He discussed the consequences in both the conditions like in deficiency and in case of overdose (toxicity), incompatibility of simultaneous intake of zinc and iron, iron and calcium, bio-fortification of staple foods crops, genetically modified foods like golden rice enriched in vitamin A and the related issues. Dr. Sushma Sharma, emphasized particularly on the topic “Food and Nutrition Security: Community based initiative”.

Followed by the session of valediction and distributuion of prizes.

Dr Kumud Khanna, Dr Sushma Sharma. Dr. Raakhi Gupta and Prof K.S. Sharma were requested to give the certificates of poster and oral participations.

Oral Presentation                                Posters

I Deepika Sharma                               I Kapila Jain

II Aditi Bhargava                               II Neelakshi Tanima

II Komal Jangid                                  Consolation Kuldeep kaur & Preeti Verma