A Report



Held at International College for Girls, Jaipur (IGNOU PSC 2353)

On 16th September, 2017 at 11.00 am 

An Induction meeting was organized by the International College for Girls, Jaipur, PSC 2353, IGNOU, on 16th September 2017 for the learners enrolled in different IGNOU programmes, viz., CFN, CNCC, CAFÉ, DNHE, DECE, DAFE, PGDCFT, M.Sc CFT, M.Sc DFSM, PGDWGS, MAWGS and MAPC for the session July 2017. Approximately 255 new learners are enrolled at the centre, out of which 100 learners attended the Induction meeting. The meeting was attended by Prof. Raakhi Gupta, HOI, PSC 2353, International College for Girls, Jaipur, Dr. M. K. Dash, RD, Regional Center, IGNOU, Jaipur, Dr. Indu Ravi, ARD, Regional Center, IGNOU, Jaipur, Dr. Ila Joshi, PI and Ms Ridh Sidh Singh, API, PSC 2353, International College for Girls, Jaipur, academic counselors and Part time staff.

The meeting started with a Welcome note by Programme Incharge Dr. Ila Joshi, PSC 2353. At the outset she welcomed all the new learners to the center and the representatives from Regional Center, IGNOU, Jaipur. Thereafter, she gave detailed information about various programmes running at the center, number of learners enrolled at the center and their district/state, academic counselors of different programmes, administrative staff and the working hours of the centre.  She also informed the learners about center’s accomplishment and about receiving the award for ‘Best services’ for the year 2016 -17 from Regional Center, IGNOU, Jaipur. She also introduced the part time staff of the centre to the new learners.

Dr. Indu Ravi, ARD, Regional Center, IGNOU, Jaipur addressed the new learners. She briefed them about the mandate of the Indira Gandhi National Open University, duration of completion of programmes, evaluation scheme, date for submission of examination forms (on line) and assignments, as well as, answered the queries raised by the learners.

Dr. M K Dash, RD, Regional Center, IGNOU, Jaipur, also interacted with the new learners and based on his rich academic and administrative experience in distance learning programmes explained them about the importance of pursuing different programmes from IGNOU and how one can achieve the goal of higher education in the set time period. He encouraged the students and wished them the best.

The meeting concluded with a formal vote of thanks by Ms. Chanda Asani, Academic counsellor. Besides this, the part time staff distributed counselling schedules to the learners.. They also updated the residential address, email address and phone number of the learners. The learners also attended a counseling session after the induction meeting, organized as per their respective programmes.

Refreshments were arranged for the learners, IGNOU representatives, counsellors and part time staff after the meeting.



Dr. MK Dash, Regional Director,                              

  Dr. Indu Ravi, Assistant Regional Director,Regional Center, IGNOU, Jaipur addressing the learners interacting with the learners


                 Dr. Ila Joshi, PI, PSC 2353 briefing                   



Induction meeting organized at PSC2353, International College for Girls, The IIS University, Jaipur

on 16th September, 2017 at 11am, for IGNOU learners enrolled in July 2017