The department of home science organized a demonstration on table setting on 28th January 2017 at 11:00 am for the students of clinical dietetics and home science as a part of their curriculum. The demonstration was given by Dr. Sonal Karnik, Associate Professor, School of Hotel Management, Manipal University, Jaipur. The demonstration was attended by many students.

Dr. Sonal was welcomed by the students through a brief introduction and floral welcome. There was a power point presentation on types of menus, menu planning and courses. Information on Indian, continental and American menu was given. Then she explained the various course like 3 course menu, 5 course menu and 7 course menu. The students prepared different menus as per the information provided. Vegetarian as well as non vegetarian options about the various courses were also told. Queries of the students were answered.

The power point presentation was followed by the demonstration. All the required material was kept ready in advance. Dr. Sonal showed various table layouts to the students. She started with formal table set up. It included main course plate, quarter plate, tumblers, knife, fork, spoon, cup and saucer, bud vase, napkin. Very minute details about proper placement, distance etc were emphasized. Then she covered the breakfast table set up. She told the students about service and clearing in formal set ups. Various napkin folding were also shown. Then she showed a thali set up for an Indian meal.

This was followed by a brief lecture on table etiquettes and mannerisms. The students were told how to sit, use napkin, use of knife, fork etc. the sequence of starting a meal in a formal set up was told. Instructions on dress code were also provided. Special emphasis was given on formal dinners and interviews. She told that a decent dress should be worn. A light meal must be taken prior to going for interview, handy dishes must be ordered if one is asked to, small bites should be taken, mouth should not be full while speaking etc.

The lecture was very beneficial as it was not just a part of the syllabus but also had practical utility for the students. It was followed by vote of thanks by one of the students. Dr. Sonal was presented with a memento as a token of remembrance. She was offered with refreshments.