Women And Child Welfare Programs (Practical)

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HHD 327
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This course will enable the students to :

  • Understand working of various welfare organizations.
  • Plan programs for women and children and evaluate.



1.      Understand the issues of women and children in India through secondary data sources of information.

2.      Evaluation of child and woman welfare programs (one each).

3.      Visit to various women and children welfare organizations- Report writing

4.      Plan and prepare program/ project for over all development, recreation, education of women/ children in community.

5.      Assess the hypothetical case study and suggest the procedure to deal with that situation with suitable legal provisions

Visit to any unit of women entrepreneurs

Essential Readings: 
  • Srinivasan,K.Saxena,P.C.and Tara Kanitkar Demographic and socio-economic aspects of the child in India.Himalaya Publishing House,1979.
  • Approach to the perspective Plan on child development NIPCCD 1983.
  • Alfred de Songs,Children in Indian.
  • Critical Issues in Human Development.Indian Social Institutes,1973.
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