Research methodology

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HHD 123
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This course will enable students to:

  • To know the significance of research methodology in Home Science.
  • To understand the types, tools and methods of research and develop the ability to construct data gathering instruments appropriate to the research design
Unit I: 
Introduction to research methodology
  1. Meaning and definition of research
  2. Methodology, Method and Technique
  3. Process of conduction research, types of research
  4. Approaches to research :Positivist, Interpretive and critical :basic assumptions
Unit II: 
Planning of research
  1. Research design :Purpose of research and time dimensions based research design :explorative , Descriptive and explanatory , cross sectional and longitudinal research studies
  2. Sampling techniques: census and sampling methods, probability and non probability sampling procedures
  3. Sample size determination.
Unit III: 
Understanding theories : Components and connections
  1. Theory : meaning and definition
  2. Concept : Real, nominal and operational definitions
  3. Variables: types and relationship
  4. Hypothesis: criteria of construction types
  5. Deductive and Inductive processes of theory construction
Unit IV: 
Data collection techniques:
  1. Questionnaire
  2. Schedule
  3. Interview
  4. Observations
  5. Case study
  6. Content analysis
Unit V: 
Data processing and Data analysis
  1. Classification and tabulation
  2. Report writing
  3. The elements of research project
Essential Readings: 
  • Kothari , C.R.( Second Edition): Research Methodology- Methods and Techniques, Wishwa Publication, New Delhi.
  • Badarkar, P.L. and Wilkinson T.S. (2000): Methodology and Techniques of Social Research, Himalaya Publishing House, Mumbai
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  • Dwivedi, R.s.(1997): Research Methods in Behavioural Sciences, Macmillan India, Delhi.
  • Agarwal, J.C.: Educationl Research- An Introduction, Arya Book Depot, New Delhi.
  • Best, J.W.: Research in Education, Prentice Hall of India, New Delhi.
  • Chadra, S.S. and Sharma, R.K.: Research in Education, Atlantis Publishers, New Delhi.
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