Life Span Development-Iii- Adulthood And Ageing ( Practical )

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HHD 325
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This course will enable the students to :

  • Understand the characteristic and problems of old age.
  • Understand the method of working with old age.



  1. Preparing an information material for adults on:
  1. Need based problems
  2. Management of stress and empty nest
  3. Dealing with adolescents


  1. Preparing a community support program for adults/ old age in local area.
  2. Sensitizing youth to old age- problems and solutions through interactive sessions and focus group discussions
  3. Planning an interview schedule for adults/ old aged person with regard to their role/ problems in the family.
  4. Planning and executing recreational activities forold persons.
  5. Visit to old age home- preparing a blue print- basic needs, problems, facilities etc.
  6. Conduct programs for creating awareness regarding policies and services for senior citizens.


Essential Readings: 
  • Baron,R.A.,Byrne,D.andKantswitz B.M. Understanding Behaviour,Holt,Rinehart,1980.
  • Stott,Leland,H.The Psychology of Human Development, MacMillan Co,1978.
  • Vatsayayan, Developmental Psychology. KedarNath Ram Nath Delhi
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