Life Span Development-Ii-Childhood And Adolescence (Practical)

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HHD 225
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This course will enable the students to :

  • Assess the development in childhood and adolescence.
  • Plan program and activities for children and adolescents.
  • To sensitize students to cross-cultural issues related to adolescence and emerging adulthood.
  • To develop skills for organizing program/activities for adolescents.



  1. Recording all round development in children and adolescents of different socio economic status (High, Low, & Middle) using child study methods(checklist)
  2. PPT discussion on status of common problems of children in Indian & State context –Childlabor, child marriage, child prostitution etc.
  3. Survey on Adolescents’ attitude towards Sexuality/Alcoholic and Substance abuse
  4. Planning leisure time activities for children/ adolescents.
  5. Planning skill development program for children/ adolescents.
  6. Carry out a case study on an adolescent from any of the following type of families: broken families, single parent families, step parent families.
  7. Planning and executing focus group discussions with parents and children on the following themes:  a. TV viewing and its implications, study habits, coping with academic stress, structured and unstructured leisure, money management, gender issues, values, electronic media, and coping emotional and behavioral problems.
Essential Readings: 
  • Rogers,W.The Psychology of Adolescence,Prentice Hall,1976.
  • Pedinnus,G.R. and Johnson. R.C. Child and Adolescent Psychology,John Wiley,1975.
  • Rice,Philip,F.TheAdolescent:Development,Relationships and culture,Allyn and Bacon,1981.
  • ChaubeS.P.AdolescentPsychology,vikas publishers,1983.
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