Life Span Development - I- Prenatal Development To Infancy

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HHD 126
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This course will enable the students to :

  • Understand an infant and his capabilities.
  • Assess the physiological status of an infant.
  • Promote developmental activities of an infant.

1.Visit to a maternity and child ward of an hospital and observing-

  1. Neonate- premature/ full term, low birth/ normal- making comparisons, assessment of new born.
  2. Documentation of care taken and medical facilities provided in NICU.
  3. Observation of neonatal reflexes.
  1. Preparation and implementation of Observational Check List to Assess Physical, Motor, Social, Language, Emotional and Cognitive Developmental Tasks.
  2. Conduct an educational programme for rural mothers on ante-natal care,  Institutional Delivery & Breast feeding.
  3. Process of taking Anthropometric Measurement and Assessment of Children in Different Age Groups and Settings: Plotting and interpretation of Growth Charts.
  4. Formulating activities for infants to promote development- Physical, motor, cognitive, language and emotional.
  5. Development of play material to promote sensory experiences for infants using recyclable and reusable material.
  6. Observation and documentation of infants while providing them with visual and sensory stimulation (toys, pictures, different shapes and textures), auditory (natural sounds like clap, conversations) and kinesthetic experiences (movements)
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