Introduction To Guidance And Counseling (Practical)

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HHD 127
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This course will enable the student

  • Apply  various techniques in counseling and guidance.
  • Understand various problems in children which require guidance.
  • Apply  different therapies of counseling.
  • Frame case profile of a disturbed individual.


  1. Compiling articles related to guidance.
  2. Prepare  theme related brochures, pamphlets etc. for guidance.
  3. Visit to a guidance and counseling center-
    1. Organizational structure
    2. Objectives/ purpose
    3. Competencies of personnel and process
    4. Clients views about center
    5. Financial management
    6. Records and registers
  4. Need based program planning/ organizing guidance session  of a particular age group / with specific problems.
  5. Participation in counseling process/ assistance in preparation of case history / study in the clinic ( Presentation of case in classroom)
  6. Preparation of E-content on Skill development through mock activity- Rapport technique, questioning, listening, reflection, acceptance, silence, leading, reassurance, non- verbal cues, terminating  skills.
  7. Plan and organize life style education programs such as stress management, positive thinking, building self-esteem, motivation etc.
  8. Conducting role play/street play/puppet show etc. to generate community awareness on issues and topics related to human development and family relations.
  9. Administration, scoring and interpretation of  any one guidance tool to assess the areas of guidance.
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