Genetics and Reproductive Health

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HHD 122
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This course will enable the students to :

  • Understand the role of heredity and environment in development.
  • Understand problems and solutions regarding child bearing.
  • Understand postnatal psychological problems and treatment.
Unit I: 
Introduction to Genetics & reproductive Health
  1. Basic concept of reproductive health and its importance
  2. Need of reproductive Health education, Methods of reproductive Health education.
  3. Introduction to Genetics, Principles of Genetics
  4. Genes & Chromosomes, Structure & Function
  5. Sex Determination, Identical and Fraternal Twins
  6. Sexually transmitted diseases - symptoms ,causes and prevention.
Unit II: 
Heredity and Environment
  1. Meaning & interaction of heredity and environment in determining intelligence, personality and behavior
  2. Hereditary diseases/ gene linked syndromes- Sickle cell anemia, hemophilia, PKU, autism,   alzheimer’s, apert, sticklers and ushers syndrome, cystic fibrosis, Huntington, spina bifida, tay- sachs.
  3. Sex  linked syndrome-Fragile X, XYY, down, cat cry, turners, klinefelter syndrome
Unit III: 
Diagnosis Prevention and Treatment of Genetic Disorders
  1. Genetic Disorders, diagnosis and treatment- Human Karyotype, pedigree construction and its analysis
  2. Prenatal screening methods    
  3. Genetic counseling-need, essential qualities of genetic counselor.
  4. Direct and indirect counseling.
  5. Prevention of genetic disorders and gene therapy.
Unit IV: 
Infertility and Assisted Reproduction
  1. Factors causing infertility- Stress, problems in ovulation, blocked or scarred fallopian tubes, endometriosis and low sperm count, drugs, alcohol-  treatment
  2. Assisted reproduction- Invitro fertilization and test tube baby, surrogate mothers- legal and ethical issues.
Unit V: 
Post Partum care and HIV/AIDS
  1. Post partum depression-Types, causes and treatment.
  2. Post partum infection.
  3. Maternal and infant mortality- present status and major causes
  4. HIV/AIDS in India- Prevalence, sign and symptoms, causes and prevention
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