Family Counselling And Therapy ( Practical )

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HHD 425
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This course will enable the students to :

  • Assess the problems in family
  • Plan activities to enhance the marital life
  • Do counselling for abuse, trauma, violence, disability.
  • Plan therapy  and training programmes. 



  1. Plan and prepare an interview schedule for adult unmarried person at any stage of adulthood


  1. Marriage enhancement/ enrichment  activity


  1. Planning play therapy for children’s problems- behavioral, conduct etc.


  1. Plan a programme for parentsin context of adolescent’s problems- tobacco chewing, substance abuse, alcoholism etc.


  1. To analyze the hypothetical case records of family.


  1. To conduct an awareness generation campaign in the community regarding aspects and issues pertaining to marital & family well being.
Essential Readings: 
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