Early Childhood Education ( Practical )

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HHD 326
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This course will enable the students to :

  • Acquire knowledge about the planning and activities of early childhood education. 
  • Draw information regarding  some of the major practices of different curriculum in children’s institutions. 
  • Gain information about entrepreneurship in ECE. 



  1. Preparing blue print of centers of early childhood education- curriculum, organizational structure, physical and human infrastructure.
  2. Participation in ECE center- Observation and participation in the preschool, crèche and day care centers.
  3. Plan and conduct a group activity in the classroom using play way, activity or project method.
  4. Planning and executing, monitoring and evaluation of daily / weekly activities for children.
  5. Planning and preparing teaching aids and materials needed for young children in accord with activities.
  6. Planning Spaces and identifying materials for play and joyful learning
  7. Preparing project proposal for ECE program.
  8. Prepare literature for parents on children’s/ parent’s problems..
Essential Readings: 
  • Hohmann, M.; Banet, B. &Weikart, D.P. (1979). Young children in action. Michigan:

High/Scope Press.

  • Decker, C.A. & Decker, J.R. (1976). Planning and administering early childhood    


  • Brown, J. (1982). Curriculum planning for young children. New York: NAEYC.
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