Dealing Special Needs and Psychological Problems ( PRACTICAL )

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HHD 426
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This course will enable the students to :

  • Administer various tests to measure the capabilities of an individual.
  • Get exposure to the techniques and solutions for improvement of handicap condition.
  • Understand the societal attitude towards handicap.


  1. Visit to  local training, educational and rehabilitation institutions- Preparing a blue print.
  2. Assessment of management
  3. Infrastructural facilities
  4. Program implementation
  5. Recommendations
  6. Planning and Preparation of teaching aids for the child with special needs in accord with activity.
  7. Preparing a project proposal for children with special need


  1. Visit to institution dealing with psychological and psychiatric problems to study basic childhood/ adolescence/ adulthood problems- preparing details of infrastructure, medical facilities etc


  1. Preparing educational/informational material regarding various psychological problems.


  1. Preparation of a Case study of a child with special needs /child from disadvantaged background / admitted in private school under 25 percent quota of the RTE(2009).


  1. Presentation based debate on the comparative merits and demerits of  Inclusive Education for disabled in India.
Essential Readings: 
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  • LeydonSussan (1985), Helping the Child of Exceptional Abilities
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  • What Every Special Educatiors Must know: Ethics, Standards, and Guidelines for Special Educators, (2009) Council for Exceptional children



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