Applied Statistics

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HHD 222
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This course will enable the students to :

  • Understand the significance of research methodology in Home Science.
  • Understand the types, tools and methods of research
  • Develop the ability to construct data gathering instruments appropriate to the research design


  1. Introduction of Statistics.  Classifications and Tabulation of data. Frequency Distribution. Diagrammatic(one- dimensional and two- dimensional) and Graphical presentation of data( Histogram, Frequency Polygon, Frequency curve and ogives)
  2. Measure of Central Tendency- Mean, Median and Mode, their properties, merits and demerits.
  3. Measure of Dispersion- Range, Quartile Deviation, Mean Deviation and standard deviation.
  1. Concept of Probability. Properties of Normal Probability Curve and its applications.
  2. Correlation Analysis- Definition and concept, types and measures of studying correlation (Karl Pearson’s coefficient of correlation, its assumptions, properties, merits and demerits, Spearman’s Rank correlation coefficient)
  3. Regression Analysis- Definition, concept, uses and properties. Least Square Methods, Regression Coefficients, Fitting of Regression lines.
  1. Sampling Distribution and Standard Error.
  2. Elements of Testing a Statistical Hypothesis- Formulation of the problem, Types of errors
  3. Level of significance, Large sample tests for proportions, Single mean and difference in two means.
  1. Small sample tests- Application of  t- test for testing the significance of single mean & difference in two means ( independent and paired-t).
  2. Chi-square test for  testing normal population variance.
  3. Test for goodness of fit, independence of attributes using 2x2 and rxc contingency tables).

Definations of F test, application of F test for testing of equality of two variances.                                          b)Analysis of Variance- Concept , assumptions, basic idea of one way and two way classification with simple questions.

Essential Readings: 

Essential Readings:


·         Gupta, S.P.: Statistical Methods, Sultan Chand and Company, New Delhi.

·         Elhane,D.N.: Fundamentals of Statistics, KitabMahal,Allahbad.



Books Recommended:


  • Simpson and Kafka: Basic Statistics, Oxford and IBH Publishers.
  • Goon, Gupta and Das: Fundamentals of Statistics Vol. I and II.
  • Snedecor and Cochran: Statistical Methods, Oxford and IBH Publishers.
  • Shukla,M.C. and Gulshan S.S.: Statistics Theory and Practice, Sultan Chand and Company, New Delhi.
  • Gupta, S.C. and Kapoor V.K.: Fundamental of Mathematical Statistics, Sultan Chand and Company, New Delhi
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