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  • To enhance knowledge about reproductive heath
  • To provide detail information about family planning
  • To tell about Outcomes of health Pregnancy and reproductive health
  • To create awareness regarding programs of safe motherhood  



Unit I: 
Unit I

Reproductiveand sexuality

  • The concept of reproductivehealth
  • The concept of sexuality
  • Changing from ICPD andBeyond


  • Access to contraception
  • Operations of family planningprogram
  • Birth spacing Policy
  •   National Reproductive Health Program

Determinantof ContraceptiveUse

  • Level and pattern of contraceptive use
  • Factor determinants of contraceptive use:
  • Socio-economic characteristic of women
  • Husband and wife relation
  • Community factors


Unit II: 

Outcomes of Unwanted Pregnancy

Unwanted births      

·       Induced Abortion

·       Health-seeking behavior to terminate pregnancy

·       Determinants of abortion

Quality of Care Approach to providing Reproductive Health Care Services


·       Perceived of quality of carefrom provider’s and client’sperspective

·       Component of quality of careprovided

·       Quality of care models

·       Review problems in

·       implementing a quality of care approach

Potential impact onreproductive health outcomesof the shift to a quality 

Unit III: 

ReproductiveTract InfectionRTIs

·       Social network and support

·       Social impact

·        Determinant of RTIs

·        Consequences of RTIs

·        Health-seeking behavior ofRTIs

·        Intervention to prevent andtreat RTIs


·       Factors determinantadolescent sexual behaviors

·        Protective factors

·        School

·       Family

Gender and Sexuality

·       Social and culturalconstruction of gender andsexuality

·        Gender perspective ofreproductive health andsexuality

Reproductive and sexualityRight

Unit IV: 

Violence against women

  • Theoretical framework
  • violence against women
  •  Rape, Sexual harassment,sexual violence
  • Domestic violence
  • Determinants andconsequences of sexualviolence in various forms


Maternal and Child Health

  • Overview of Maternal and Child Health in developing Countries
  •  MCH policy and plan up to2010


Unit V: 


  • Concept
  • Importance of breastfeeding
  • WHO Recommendation on Breastfeeding
  • Baby mother Hospital

Determinant of Mother and Child Mortality

  • Maternal death: Indicator of mortality
  • Infant and children mortality: Indicator of mortality
  • Factor determinants of MC mortality:


-High Fertility

      -Health status

  • Models of maternal and child Survival


Safe motherhood policies

  • Concept of safe-motherhood
  • Component of safe motherhood
  • Objectives of ANC
  • Safe delivery
  • Postnatal care
  • National Safe-motherhoodProject


Essential Readings: 
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