The Department of Home Science came into existence in 1995 with a mission to provide quality education with practical experience to the female youths of the society. This Department started Postgraduate programme in three streams - Foods & Nutrition, Clothing & Textiles and Human Development in 1999.

The department is well equipped with laboratories spread over three floors for all the three streams. It also shares the laboratories with the other departments, where the Postgraduate students and Research Scholars perform their experiments.
The Food and Nutrition Department laboratories are equipped with instruments, like,Seed Germinator, SOCS PLUS (Fat estimation), KELPLUS (Nitrogen estimation), FIBRA PLUS (Fibre estimation), Spectrophotometer, digital chemical weighing balance, tabletop electronic physical weighing scale, Centrifuge machine, Hot Air Oven, Muffle furnace, Microwave oven and  OTG.

Clothing and Textile Department is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure. Various instruments, for eg., GSM (measurement of grams per square meter of fabric), Tensile tester (measurement of strength), Air Permeability Tester (determination of permeability of fabric), Beeslay’s Yarn Balance (yarn fineness), Twist tester (measurement of  twist), Crease Recovery Tester (measurement of crease in fabric), Pilling and abrasion tester (measurement of pills and abrasion resistance of fabric), Drape meter (determination the fall/ drape of the fabric) and Flammability tester (determination of flammability) help the students to perform their experiments.

Human Development laboratory is well equipped with all the instruments and tools for testing. Infant-o-meters and weighing scales are used to assess the growth pattern while psychological tools are used for qualitative analysis for growth, intelligence, etc. There are many tools and tests like Standford Binet Test (assess the intelligence level), Children Apperception Test (to identify the child’s interpersonal relationship and personality), Adjustment Inventory for School Students, Type A/B Behavioral Scale, Dimensions of Temperament Scale, Cognitive assessment test, Motivation Test, Aspiration Test, Developmental Assessment Test, Attitude Test, Achievement Test, Aptitude Test, Interest Test, etc which are available for both the students and Research Scholars.