On 15/12/2021 an industrial visit organized by the Department of Home Science to FruBon (Dev Milk Foods Pvt. Ltd.). FruBon is a division of Dev Milk Foods (DMF), which is Rajasthan’s since its inception in 2004, DMF has successfully diversified its operations outside the domain of milk and dairy products and ventured into the areas of manufacturing, marketing and transportation. In 2016, the ice cream plant started after 2 years dairy products started. When the students reached, they introduced themselves and then they told about the hygiene practices used.  Then the visit started. There were 2 different warehouses one for ice cream and another for dairy products. Firstly moving towards ice cream section, they told about the process through which they make ice cream from testing of raw products in laboratory to Packaging and delivery. Then in the laboratory students learnt how the testing don for fat, protein, viscosity and even adulteration also been checked. Then the process of mixing ingredients to preparation of batter and then the process of making by homogenization of chocolate and the mix is reading for ageing VAT to maintain the temperature of ice-cream to 5C. then passes through hard brine jet spray to make ice-cream hard in automatic machine then we move to extrusion room line at temperature of-22 degree C in blast room/Anti Room for 12 months. After this students went to dairy production warehouse where all the dairy products have been made and other product like rusks, cookies, bread, muffins, biscuits, patties.

Quality control and quality analysis by sampling, after clearance of waste then production then the process of pasteurization. At 80 degree C and then fall to 2.9 degree C and fat addition and reduction at this process takes place. Then the process of storage of dairy products in different packaging possibities like pouch, boxes, tetra packs etc.  Maintaining of temperature according the changes in product takes place. These steps taken place in processing of ghee, butter, flavored milk, dahi and paneer. All these are the process from testing in lab to packaging and storing takes place. Complete process is done by the team in sincere manner. They students got introduced with the CEO of the company, who asked some questions regarding visit, then students played a game and they distributed some coupons of their FruBon store, they all were very enthusiastic and dedicated towards their work. At the end they distributed ice-cream.

All the 50 students had an amazing trip to FruBon industry, learnt a lot from them, and even got to know different techniques and gained a lot of knowledge regarding the process of industrial making.