Social-Psychological aspects Of Clothing

Paper Code: 
HCT 221
  1. To develop an understanding of social and psychological aspects of clothing.
  2. To study the psychological effects of clothing on the individual in social situations. Contents
Unit I: 
Origin of Clothing:
  • Theories of Clothing: theory of modesty, immodesty, protections, adornment, combined   need theory, other theories in fashion
  • Clothing and first impressions:
  • Clothing Symbolism
Unit II: 
Clothing Psychology
  • Effect of Clothing on
    • Physical Comfort
    • Mood and Behavior
    • Personality and self concept
    • Conformity
  • Individual Values, interests and attitudes
Unit III: 
Clothing and Wearer

Clothing and the age of the wearer:

  • Infants and children
  • Adolescents
  • Adult and Elderly

Psychological impact of color

Figure proportion & Illusion

Unit IV: 
Clothing and society
  • Religion and culture
  • Occupation
  • Ceremonies and occasions
  • Comfort & Individuality
  • Clothing & Class distinction
  • Clothes, Role & Status
Unit V: 
Clothing & Physical Self:
  • Clothing & physical comfort- Factors affecting body comfort
  • Clothes & Physical well being
Essential Readings: 
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